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Fri, Sep. 28th, 2007, 08:56 pm
Holy Crap O.O

Holy crap... I haven't updated in like... forever O.O; well, if anyone remembers me, hi ^^;

Wed, Feb. 28th, 2007, 04:16 pm
So Long....

Well, I'm probably never gonna update my livejournal again. Because I have family commitments to follow and lots of schoolwork. But if you want to find me, I will be on my deviantART account which is the username chelseasba.

I'll read your guy's entries and try to reply, just don't expect me to post anything XP

Tue, Jan. 16th, 2007, 03:47 pm
Back In School

Just the day after Martin Luther King Day, or whatever his name was. I also appologize for lack of entries, but school's been driving me crazy.

Agri-Science I: We didn't do much today, since I had this class last semester, and our teacher was getting the new kids ready.

Algebra I: Today we learned how to calculate simple interest, perimeters of a triangle, and something about average speed. Had to do a worksheet, but I finished it while most of my peers (who are idiots) are still working on it.

Lunch: I was worrying all last night about not having friends to sit with during this block. But as it turns out, a couple of my "aquantences" were there. So I sat with them, had an overcooked ham and cheese sandwich on a bun. Guess what? They RAN OUT of chocolate AND strawberry milk, so I almost died of thirst.

English: We didn't do much today, but she gave us an assignment on reading a short story (it's only 3 pages long) and we have to find irony or whatever.

Social Studies: We're learning about Geography. But our original teacher is on his honeymoon in Colorado skiing, so we have a sub. She's really nice, but likes to drag on with things which makes the class boring.

Mon, Dec. 25th, 2006, 01:42 pm
Christmas Presents

So far I've had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, I hope you guys have had a good one. And I'm just gonna list what I got from my family.....

- Camoflauge hoodie jacket
- Grey Hurley hoodie
- Three pairs of white socks
- Brown Eagle hoodie
- Red Ohio State Buckeyes hoodie

Video Games
- Viva Pinata for the Xbox 360
- Zatch Bell Electric Arena for the GBA
- Super Monkey Ball Adventure for the Nintendo Gamecube
- Zatch Bell: Mamodo Fury for the Nintendo Gamecube

Gift Cards/Money
- $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble
- $50 gift card to Aeropostale
- $15 iTunes music card
- $75 dollars (paper money)

- Lots of candy
- Ghirardelli chocolates
- All four volumes of the Kingdom Hearts manga
- A 2007 kitten calendar
- Pirates of the Carribean: Deadman's Chest on DVD.

Sun, Dec. 24th, 2006, 08:01 am
Merry Christmas Eve!!!! :D

OMG!!! It's Christmas Eve WHOOHOO!!! I'm so happy hooray!!!

Today, my family is having a Christmas party and my uncle and aunt's house. With lots of family comming over. If I'm lucky, they'll let me open one present, just gotta hope in times like this. All my cousins who I haven't seen in months are gonna be there to. It's gonna be SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

Lots and lots of food XD

So what are you guys doing for Christmas?

Thu, Dec. 14th, 2006, 07:23 pm
Happy (almost) B-day!!!!!

Well, it's almost my fifteenth birthday. Although it's really on the 22 my parents are celebrating it this Sunday because that was the only time my whole family could be together. You think it'd be fun though right? Wrongo!!! I have to make a science presentation thingy for my science class, oh how I fear talking in front of the class. Especially when the whole class is a bunch of crack-heads and drug-dealers. Seriously, they just talk about how much.... whatever drug they sold to somebody. ARGH!!!! Worst of all, they're all older than me (I'm Freshman) by a couple years so they're all Juniors and Seniors who had to repeat. Let's think about the positives shall we? At least I get to present before Christmas break, and get it overwith sooner. It's possible my parents MIGHT get me a Nintendo Wii and a couple games for it, but so far they're not real sure...... or they're just not telling me....... My Christmas break starts on the 21, wow, the day right before my birthday we get the start of Christmas break or whatever. Happy Holidays to all!!!! :)

Sun, Dec. 3rd, 2006, 10:07 am

Anybody else have one of those days..... where you could just do random things?


Tue, Nov. 28th, 2006, 04:56 pm
Aching In Pain

Heh, I'm so busy with this big science project I don't get much time to write on LJ.

Yeah, my Thanksgiving was really great though. Especially since I got to go horseback riding on Sunday and see the movie Deck The Halls!!! But my horse "Bum" decided to jump over the river and almost injured me. Now all my muscles are just sore...

owie *covered in ice packs*

Gym, doesn't help your injuries very much. REALLY doesn't help when they make you go to the school Weight Room D: and make you do more than you can handle like.... lift giant weights that can kill you =(

Hope all you guys are doing great..... and aren't covered in ice packs like me.. heheh

Sat, Nov. 25th, 2006, 11:26 am
Unhappy Day

You ever get one of those days when you just feel completely depressed, sad, upset, etc... and somebody left you out in the rain to fend for yourself?

That's how I feel now, and you guys are probably thinking... it's a Saturday, what could've happened?

Well, people in school are always making fun of me for being the "quiet" kid in school. One day, I got so angry/sad at them, I beat up one of the jocks at school. I didn't get in trouble though cuz of my "condition" or something like that.... so I should be happy.. right?

Wrong :(

Now everyone thinks I'm a creepy, weirdo, who can't get over the losses of her loved ones... so they call me emo. Which I can be sometimes but not all the time. It's not like I'm an attention begger, actually, I'm the OPPOSSITE of that, I just want the kids in school to leave me the fuck alone (except for my friends who I RARELY see anymore because of block scedules).

My tail of rejection.....

I'm always gonna miss my loved ones, my two grandpas who died of old age, and my little brother who died of cancer just this March.

I still miss him lots.... *crying* especially since he had cancer for 3 1/2 years of his young life, since he first got it at 8 1/2 years old, and died at age 12 on a Saturday morning in March 2006.

Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006, 03:58 pm

After tomorrow, I don't have to go to school until next Monday!!!!!! :)

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